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PLEASE UNDERSTAND:  The items posted on this page are for the purpose of testing this new website.  They do not represent some of the creative video projects being planned for future development.

Here is a video birthday greeting from our friend, Michael.  This one is sure to make you laugh.   PLEASE NOTE:  This video greeting was created for us on a service called JibJab.  

Birthday Greeting

Another JibJab greeting from Michael, sent earlier, is posted below.*

Beth gave me a wonderful new camera for my  (71st)  birthday.   We have acquired one of the premium video editing programs - Sony Vegas 13 Pro.  I am now learning to film, edit and render video clips for internet publication, focusing on a variety of subjects.  You are invited to view the videos offered below and watch the progress as this old guy learns a lot of new technology.

In the future we hope to present some very creative short clips.

While Beth and I were in Pacific City I received an email from my brother Paul, who lives in France.  Attached was a remarkable video clip about a Ferrari Tire Change, which elicited the following response from me...

Thank you for the Ferrari Tire Change.  Made me think, what if we had a crew and technical staff who could assemble our stage sets and props, audio and lighting with that kind of speed and precision?  What a thought!  I may send the video to all of our roadies.  Maybe they’ll come up with some ideas .

Check it out!   Ferrari Tire Change

By the way, Paul offered the following suggestion, “It helps to concentrate on just one of the 18 crew members at a time."  You may need to replay the clip several times.

Please remember as you watch.  These clips were filmed and edited
in a hurry and posted simply for the purpose of testing this web page. 
Things will improve ...hopefully.

Click here for a test video of a Dory Boat Landing in Pacific City, OR.  May 13-17 Beth and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary in Pacific City, OR.  That week dozens of Dory boats raced up onto the beach.

*Another greeting from Michael, sent earlier...

Who Says Evangelicals Can't Dance?

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